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Thanks to all who participated in our survey this month about your recruiting habits. We’d love to share with you some of the results, and start a conversation about it!

You like Job Boards.

When it comes to using online job boards, you’re using a lot. More than 91% of respondents are using more than one job board, with Dice being the most popular. Survey shows that LinkedIn is becoming a less popular option for you.

You’re Paying for it.

Recruiting online is getting more of your dollar in 2015. Over 50% of these respondents are spending more than $500 per month on online recruiting efforts.

ERP Candidates are High in Demand.

It’s safe to say that you’re on the hunt for ERP talent. 64% of respondents said 50% or more of the positions they need to fill involve niche ERP talent needs.

Quality of Talent? It’s a concern.

Yep- two-thirds of respondents are most concerned with the quality of talent they receive when partnering with any talent source. Quality was also expressed in the free  form answer section, noted as one of the biggest challenges you face.

Unite in your Challenges.

We asked you what your biggest challenge is in finding the right resources to fill your positions, and three main things stood out besides the above quality issue:

  1. Exact Fit

    1. One candidate communicates very well with the client but lacks the expertise to get the job done. The other has extensive knowledge but fails to effectively communicate. It’s hard finding that exact fit.

  2. Candidate Commitment and Transparency

    1. You're ready to hire who you thought was a great fit for your open position. Then the candidate doesn’t show up. They may have embellished skill. They were not who you thought they were.

  3. Expectations

    1. You’ve got a budgeted offer that you believe to be reasonable, then find out candidate expectations far exceed it. A lot of your positions require travel Monday-Thursday, yet candidates aren’t willing to do so.

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