Face it, social recruiting has taken our world by storm and isn't going anywhere.


Face it, social recruiting has taken our world by storm and isn't going anywhere. With everything that is at our disposal how do you navigate through each platform successfully? Let’s simplify and focus in on how we can achieve social success with a focus on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, LinkedIn.

Be Consistent (But Don't Be Annoying)

As a recruiter, you want to have a good mix of generated content and job posts. This will solidify you as someone with industry knowledge and not just a human job board. Make sure you are posting daily, but don’t over post! A generally accepted professional industry rule is called the “335” (three-three-five). This means 3 posts on Facebook, 3 posts on LinkedIn, and 5 posts on Twitter per day. This is just a guideline, and has exceptions just as any rule does, but try and stay true. Sound daunting? Look into using a scheduling platform like HootSuite or SproutSocial. These type of platforms are great for keeping you organized and consistent. 

Be Engaging

You’ve got the content to post, now what's the best way to do it? Make sure that you are setting yourself and others up for engagement. Engagement percentage is what we most commonly look to for the success of a post. It is measured by the amount of people that actually interact with your post by either liking, clicking, or sharing. You can boost this by remembering simple things like including links or pictures, or “hash-tagging” keywords within your post making them available for search on said social platform (Facebook and Twitter).

The above will get people talking, so be prepared to talk back! Try your best to answer inquiries in real time and remember to keep the word “social” in social media in mind. Answer as a person, not a robot. Be mindful of how you do, but let your personality shine through too.

Be (or find) a Good Partner

No one knows better than you as a recruiter the importance of networking in life and business, and social recruiting is no different. Finding like people, industries and business to interact with on your social platforms is critical to this tools success. Make the first move by searching and liking relevant people, industries, topics and businesses. Engage with them by sharing, retweeting and commenting. Take the time to post/share your content in other groups and forums that meet your topic to get even more exposure.

We B(ee)-lieve that social recruiting success starts with you and excels when you use and harbor great relationships. Consider starting that relationship with ERP-Consulting. Jobs posted at ERP-Consuling.com are shared socially on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with proper link and targeting throughout each platform. They are optimized for engagement and monitored daily for top interactions. We foster a well-rounded partnership by encouraging cross interaction with each of your social initiatives as well. 

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