You need an ERP expert for a PERM role on your team.


You need an ERP expert for a permanent role on your team. The stormy economic seas of 2008 have calmed and your company is looking to permanently keep the talent they bring on board. The issue? ERP experts are used to the flexibility and often high pay of consultancy, so finding your next “big catch” can be challenging, but they are out there! Take a look at three simple ways you can better hook permanent employees within the ERP industry.

Be Clear in Your Need

Let’s be frank, there are a TON of jobs out there for ERP experts in a specific niche. When sourcing for your next permanent employee in this role you will need to be very specific that it is indeed PERMANENT. Don’t waste your time, or theirs, compiling a description that does not make this clear. You’ll end up with a lot of disappointed candidates when you tell them after the fact and more frustration for you! Go for the best match up front.

Focus on the Advantages

Permanent placement comes with many advantages for the candidate too! When writing the description and speaking to prospective candidates, focus on advantages that may lure them, including but not limited to:

1. Growth - Permanent employees benefit from learning new and unique skills within, and outside, their niche that are useful in their current position and make them more versatile for future openings.

2. Stability - Appeal to the candidate’s desire to be rooted. Not only does it eliminate the stress of finding their next contract, candidates used to travelling extensively may be ready to settle down for any number of reasons. Make sure you know what those are.

3. Advancement - A clearer path to career progression is more evident, and available, to direct hire employees.

Parnter with a Permanent Placement Expert

Find a firm that specializes in permanent placement ERP positions to help you chart a course to success. They will have the expertise, the tools, the bait, and know where the fish are already biting. Fishing with an expert will get you better results, faster.
If finding a partner with that kind of expertise sounds harder than finding the talent itself, ERP-Careers is here to help! Not only do we focus solely on permanent placement, we are the industry’s leading source for top ERP careers and talent. There are a lot of fish in the ERP talent pool and utilizing the aforementioned best practices can help you catch yours. Contact ERP-Careers at or (866) 932-4102 and we'll get started.

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