Just like the technology we source for, we can always improve.


 A Glimpse into the Mind of the ERP Candidate

Earlier in the year ERP-Consulting sent out a survey to our exclusive talent pool with the hopes of improving their experience with us. After evaluating the responses, we realized that this information would be overwhelmingly valuable to you as a recruiter, and we’re excited to share! Respondents are the ERP industry’s leading candidates, eager to share their insight on how to improve recruiting efforts. The following questions held notable results and have been analyzed just for you!

Q: What is your biggest challenge while searching for a job?

It’s very clear that candidates want recruiters to be, well, clear! By far the greatest talked about topic was making sure that there is as much transparency as possible concerning job description and details. Notable issues include location/remote work as well as expenses and pay. Candidates said they are likely to not consider jobs that do not have this information.

Q: How do you find your next project?

As recruiters we are always trying our best to be where the candidates are, so asking this question was a no-brainer! Candidates were able to select more than one option when responding:

58% Job Boards

55% Staffing Firms

38% Internal Network

38% “They usually find me.”

18% Social Media

7% Networking Events

Nothing surprising here. As is typical, candidates in this industry tend not to social means like networking events to find projects. Though gaining in popularity in the general recruiting world, our respondents aren't quite there when it comes to confidently using social media to find opportunities. Job boards are the front runner with this crowd, and because of their highly specified set of skills, they gravitate toward niche ones.

Candidates like David H Luding, an HCM professional, have taken notice of ERP-Consulting.com-  “It's a good site - I have used it for quite a while, and the postings are tailored to meet my constantly changing project support needs. Keep up the great job.”

Q: What would you like improved?

The desire for recruiters to have a better understanding of the ERP industry as a whole was another popular issue with candidates. Know the difference between a project and an actual job. Call on the appropriate level for each candidate and do not push non-senior roles on seasoned professionals. Take the time to source exact fits through skills matching.

Lastly, they want more follow-up activities to occur. This includes being told an interview and decision timeline as well as feedback when not chosen. One candidate elaborated on this topic with “Any feedback on resumes or why not selected that you happen to get.  Obviously ‘client chose someone else’ is of little value.” Let them know when you have received their information and if you would like to continue a conversation or move on.

Just like the technology we source for, we can always improve. Listening to the very people we are trying to attract in this highly competitive industry is the first step. Analyze what this means for you and your recruiting methodology, then let us help. Learn more at http://erp-consulting.com/site/about and contact us at info@erp-consulting.com to get started.

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