The 5 hottest open source skilled candidates that IT hiring managers have their eyes on in 2016.

The open source job market is red hot and companies are in huge demand for the talent. Over 60% of hiring managers in the IT field confirmed that open source hiring would be the fastest growing part of their business in 2016. Here’s the top 5 open source skills to help land a job in this trending field:


1- Developers

The top position and being named the number one “must have” talent is development. Whether it be Linux, Unix, Hadoop, or others, the demand for development skills is higher than ever. Companies are blazing down the digital transformation trail and need consultants like you to lead the way.

2- DevOps

Cloud technology has exploded in recent years and organizations need skilled professionals to design, provision and deploy these systems.

3- Cloud Technology

Though DevOps personal will deploy cloud systems, there still needs to be someone to build them. Cloud architects will continue selling like hot cakes.

4- Networking

Software is quickly taking over hardware, but connecting platforms securely into a network is still a challenge for businesses. Networking skilled workers essential for a seamless operation.

5- Storage

More technology, more software, and more teamwork means requires more storage space. Those who are able to organize and optimize storage platforms will be a highly desired commodity.


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