Your resume is your first chance at leaving a good impression. Steer clear of these 6 mistakes to be in the best position possible.

Start off on the right foot

Taking the small, yet crucial steps to professionalize your resume could be the difference between not getting a call back and heading in for an interview. Using with your favorite 3rd grade Comic Sans font isn’t going to sit well with an employer. Use an easy to read professional font with a simple identifiable email such as

Typos and grammatical errors

Every HR rep will tell you typos and grammatical errors are the simplest, yet most common errors they see. Having these mistakes on your resume show an employer you haven’t taken the few minutes to seriously review your resume causing them to do the same.


To stand out as an above average candidate, don’t use a pre-loaded Word template that looks straight out of a middle school computer class. Fancy bordered resumes that take minutes to complete show an employer a lack of commitment towards getting the open position.

Lacking Focus

Most resumes get read in 10 seconds or less so don’t waste space with fluff. Having items on your resume that don’t relate to the position will result in a lack of consideration. Even worse is sending out a one-size-fits-all resume that is clearly sent to everyone. Only include quality key information, you can capture the employer’s attention with what matters most

Understand the process

The process of finding an employee takes several steps, especially when it is a larger company with a lot of applicants. The first step is usually computerized to weed out the unqualified. This means that you have to know what document formats are best for these programs and what key words you need to have. You could be the perfect employee but your resume may not make it through the filtering system.

Bigger isn’t always better

Big words are great, but results are better. Using large vocabulary words can give off the wrong impression, and HR professionals will most likely see that as a way to try and make yourself sound better. They care about is what you have done in the past, and how that knowledge and experience can help make their company better. Crate bullet points on the problem and your solution, with the end result.

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