Transforming your business to meet the digital world is essential for success in 2016. Avoid these mistakes to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Digital transformation is an essential part of business in 2016. Most businesses know this, however only 14% of business leaders say they are fully migrated to a digital business. Here’s a few facts about the process, results, and mistakes to avoid for success.


Best practice for a successful transformation is to start from the top and work down. The highest in the company should embrace and push change throughout the organization. Where too many transformations go wrong is choosing who will lead the process. Look to those who have the technological background and experience by having the CIO or CTO at the helm rather than the CEO. You’ll end up with a much more efficient and effective transition.

Custom Approach

No two organizations have the exact same needs for their technology. Taking the time to create a custom solution that requires more initial complexity will make things far less complicated in the future. If you want to save money and time use a solution that is carefully planned to match your specifications.

Variety brings value

Executives need to understand the variety needed in the approach to transformation. It will be a very hands on process where each department considers their specific needs. Every detail contributes to making a better end result for customers or clients. In fact, almost half of CEOs expect digital transformation being the single biggest contributor to the value of their product. These same executives agree that ROI will see increases well worth the investment. 


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